Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Dino Opener

PASSTRAK IS BACK IN ACTION The indoor track & field season got into full swing on December 10th when 13 Passtrak athletes attended the University of Calgary’s “Dino Opener”. The competed in a total of 37 races and posted some exceptional results. Eight of the 13 athletes were competing in their first official indoor track meet in a Passtrak uniform. Finley Wilmot had 3 events in the boys 10 & under age group. He ran the 60m in 13.48 seconds for 18th place. That broke the existing Passtrak club record for his age group. He broke a second club record in the 800m by recording a time of 3:55.09 for 14th. His 3rd event was the 150m were he ran 34.38 for 14th. Two years from now Finley will be in the same age group. Devon MacGregor had the same 3 events in the 10 year old girls category. She finished 11th in the 60m in 10.53 seconds and 9th in the 150m in 26.41 seconds. Her 800m took 3:24.32 for 7th place finish. Summer Musschoot & Avaya Ellis competed in the 11 year old girls division. Summer placed 6th in the 60m in 9.84 seconds, 7th in the 150m in 25.38 seconds and 4th in the 800m in 3:05.14. Avaya finished 7th in the 60m in 9.88 seconds then completed the 150m in 25.26 for 6th place. Her 800m time was 3:09.20 for a 6th place result. Edison Wilmot was in the 11 year old boys events. His 60m time was 11.33 seconds for 12th and his 150m time was 28.93 seconds for 8th. He finished his 800m in 4:06.89 for 5th. Payton Bauer & Libbey Wilmot were Passtrak’s representatives in the 13 year old girls age group. Payton’s 60m time was 9.41 seconds for 11th and her 150m time was 23.23 seconds for 7th. Her 800m time was 3:19.72 for 6th overall. Libbey clocked 9.83 seconds in her 60m for 16th. Her time in the 150m was 24.67 for a 12th place finish. Her 5th place result in the 800m was timed in 2:59.32. Craig Hay made his first appearance as a Passtrak athlete and he competed in the Masters Men’s division which is for athletes 35 years of age or older. He placed 4th in the 60m in 8.98 seconds and first in the 600m in 2:12.29. Both of those results set new Passtrak club records for Craig’s age group. The remaining 5 Passtrak athletes who took part in the track meet were all veterans who were attempting to improve upon their previous performances. They completed their mission with gusto, recording new life time best results in 12 out of 13 possible events. Carson Hay ran the fastest 60m of his life in 12.50 seconds which placed him 14th and set a new Passtrak club record for boys under 10 years old. He ran the fastest 150m of his life as well in 33.74 seconds to finish in 13th. The 800m was a new event for him and he placed 12th in 3:47.83 which broke the existing club record by 10 seconds. Carson has 2 more years in this age group before he moves up. Clara Websdale ran in the 11 year old girls category. She improved her times in all 3 of her events. She ran the 60m in 10.89 seconds for 13th and placed 12th in the 150m in 27.74 seconds. Her 800m time was 3:22.28 which slashed 12 seconds off her previous time foe a 11th place result. Sawyer Sawatzky completed the trifecta in his 11 year old boys events recording 3 life time best results. He placed 6th in the 60m in 10.18 seconds then grabbed a 4th place in the 150m by running it in 25.40 seconds. He cut a whopping 24 seconds off his previous time in the 800m by finishing in 3:06.59 for 2nd place. Not to be outdone by his team mates, Jack Bailey ran personal best times in all 3 of his 12 year old boys events as well. He placed 4th in the 60m in 10.29 seconds. He then placed second in the 150m in 26.75 seconds. In his final event, the 800m, he chopped 18 seconds from his previous best by finishing second in 3:23.58. Paige Richards ran 2 races in the 14 year old girls division. She ran the fastest 60m of her life by finishing 4th in 8.78 seconds. She then missed a personal best by a mere 6/100’s of a second when she clocked 10.69 seconds for 5th in the 60m hurdles. Summer, Avaya, Clara and Devon teamed up to run in the 11 year old girls 4 x 200m relay. They placed 3rd and set a new Passtrak club record of 2:27.33. Passtrak’s next competition will also take place in Calgary and will occur on January 7th.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Run For The Pumpkin

PASSTRAK IS BACK IN ACTION The cross country running season is now in full swing and Passtrak, (Crowsnest Pass Track and Field Club), has completed it’s first competition. Carson Hay of Cowley represented the club at the annual “Run for The Pumpkin” race in Lethbridge on September 23rd. It was a 2 km cross country race staged in Nicholas Sheran Park in West Lethbridge. Carson did himself and his club proud by completing the distance in 10:34 to place 4th out of a total of 61 runners in the 7 & 8 year old boys age group. Passtrak athletes will be busy again this week with back to back races on September 29th in Kainai and September 30th in Pincher Creek.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Legion Nationals

NATIONAL CHAMPION On Saturday August 12th Mathias Gelber ran away from 23 of the fastest runners in Canada to capture the gold medal and the National Champion crown in the 2000m race at the 2017 Canadian National Track and Field Championships. Mathias lives in Pincher Creek and just completed his second season with Passtrak, (Crowsnest Pass track & field club) and his first season with the Alberta track & field team. The Canadian Championships for the Midget and Youth age groups was held in Winnipeg from August 11th - 13th. The Midget age group includes athletes who are 14 & 15 years old while the Youth category includes 16 & 17 year old athletes. Mathias is 15 years old and was ranked number 3 in Canada in the Midget age group prior to the race. Knowing that his main 2 opponents had excellent finishing speed his race plan was to take the pace out hard to drain the speed out of others legs. The plan worked well as he opened up a gap in the first 4 laps that no one could close in the final 400m. Mathias finished the race in 5:43.43 which is a life time best performance by 9 seconds and also set a new Passtrak club record for his age group. Coincidentally he also broke the current Alberta Provincial record for his age group by 2.9 seconds. Mathias will now take some well earned time off before the cross country running season starts in mid September.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

2017 North American Indigenous Games

PASSTRAK ATHLETES MEDAL AT NORTH AMERICAN INDIGENOUS GAMES The 2017 North American Indigenous Games were hosted by the city of Toronto from July 16th - 23rd. Over 5000 athletes took part in 14 different sports during the week long event. Indigenous athletes from all across North America participated in the Games. Two Passtrak athletes, Paige and Ethan Richards of Pincher Creek, were members of the Alberta track & field team that competed in the Games. The track meet took place from July 19th - 21st. Paige was entered in 3 individual events in the under 15 girls category. She placed 4th in the 150 metre sprint in a personal best time of 20.89 seconds. That set a new Passtrak club record for her age group. In the high jump she moved up 1 position and earned herself a bronze medal by clearing a life time best of 1.30 metres. In her 3rd event, the long jump, she out did herself once more by spanning a personal best of 4.41 metres for a silver medal finish. Ethan was registered in the under 20 men’s division. He competed in 4 individual events during the 3 days of competition. He fell well short of his best in the long jump where he only managed 4.90 metres for 18th place. He bounced back and performed extremely well in all 3 of his races by qualifying for the finals in each one. In the 400 metres he finished 5th overall in 57.38 seconds. He earned another 5th place in the 200 metre final by clocking 24.50 seconds. His best result of the meet came in the 100 metres where he grabbed a bronze medal with a time of 11.83 seconds. Both of these athletes will lace up their spikes one more time this summer to compete in the 2017 Alberta Indigenous Games. They are being held in Edmonton on August 14th & 15th.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Western Canadian Championships

MATHIAS GELBER DOMINATES AT THE WESTERN CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS The 2017 edition of the Western Canadian Track and Field Championships took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba from July 14th - 16th. Mathias Gelber of Pincher Creek competed in the Midget Boys category which includes all athletes who will be 14 or 15 years old in 2017. As a member of Team Alberta he represented both our province and his home club, Passtrak, (Crowsnest Pass Track & Field Club), in the competition. Mathias was dominant in the middle distance events where he ran both the 1200 metre and 2000 metre races. He struck gold in both events recording times of 3:19.65 and 5:52.61 respectively. Both of those times were life time best performances for Mathias as well as new Passtrak club records in that age group. He outran a field of 23 of Western Canada’s best athletes in the 1200 metres and a total of 12 competitors in the 2000 metre race. The competition continues to heat up as Mathias will toe the line again at the Canadian National Championships which will take place in Brandon, Manitoba from August 4 - 6.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Cheetah Invitational

CHEETAH INVITATIONAL TRACK MEET This one day track meet took place in Calgary on June 24th. The purpose was to showcase the younger age groups and allow them their moment in the sun. Four Passtrak athletes took full advantage of that opportunity and each posted significant results in their age group. Carson Hay had 4 events in the 8 & 9 year old, (Tyke), age group. He finished his 60 metre race in 13.35 seconds and spanned 2.30 metres in the long jump. He ran the fastest 600 metre race of his life by cutting 3.5 seconds off his previous best time finishing in 2:41.07. That also broke the existing Passtrak club record for Tykes. In the discus he set another club record by tossing the implement 7.20 metres. Keenan Parsons took part in his first official outdoor track meet in a Passtrak uniform. His 3 events were in the 10 & 11 year old, (Peewee), division. All 3 of his results set new Passtrak club records for his age group. He placed 5th in the 60 metres 9.67 seconds. Next he came 3rd in the 600 metres in 1:57.13. His final event was the long jump where he cleared 3.61 metres for 4th place. Jack Bailey had 4 events in the 12 & 13 year old, (Bantam), category. He ran the fastest 80 metres of his life in 14.20 seconds for 7th place. He also finished 7th in the 200 metre hurdles in 44.52 seconds. He improved his discus distance by 3.4 metres for 4th place then long jumped 3.05 metres for 8th. Libbey Wilmot had 4 events in the Bantam girls division. She ran 12.73 seconds in the 80 metres then placed 3rd in the 200 metre hurdles in 34.99 seconds. Her discus improved by 62 cm to 12.79 metres and her long jump improved by 33 cm to 3.77 metres for a 4th place result.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Calf Track Classic

CALTAF TRACK CLASSIC This track meet took place in Calgary on June 17th & 18th. This was the selection meet for Team Alberta for the Tri-Province Championships which will take place in Brandon Manitoba July 14th - 16th. The age groups being selected were Midgets who will be 14 or 15 years old in 2017 and Youth who will be 16 or 17 in 2017. Mathias Gelber of Pincher Creek was the only Passtrak athlete in this age group but he represented the club very well. He placed first in the 2000 metre race in 5:54.22 which was a life time best performance for him and that time also broke the existing Passtrak club record for his age group. That result placed Mathias onto Team Alberta and he may also be competing in the 1200 metre race at the Tri-Province meet as well. This track meet also offered competition for the younger age groups so Drew Stuckey of Pincher Creek seized that opportunity to compete in 8 events during the 2 day meet. He was in the Bantam boys division which includes athletes who will be 12 or 13 years old in 2017. On the first day Drew ran the 800 metres in 2:58.46, cleared 1.20 metres in the high jump and ran the 80 metre hurdles for the first time ever in 17.26 seconds. His best event of the day was the discus where all 3 of his throws were beyond his previous personal best. The furthest was a 1.1 metre improvement out to 15.72 metres. On the second day he ran the 80 metre sprint in 12.02 seconds, spanned 3.37 metres in the long jump, tossed the shot put 5.08 metres and finished the 600 metres in 2:07.19. All of Drew’s results placed him in the top half of the field in every event.