Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Last Chance

LAST CHANCE TRACK AND FIELD MEET The first indoor track and field meet of the season was the “Last Chance Track Meet” which took place in Edmonton on November 19th & 20th. It’s called the Last Chance because it is the last full track meet prior to January 1st when a portion of the athletes will move up into a new age group. Passtrak sent 8 representatives to this meet and they racked up a whopping 13 life time best performances out of a possible 15, they set 10 new Passtrak club records for their respective age groups and they also brought home 5 gold and 1 silver medal for their efforts. Macey Mallard competed in her first official track meet as a Passtrak athlete. She had 6 events in the Tyke Girls age group, (athletes under 10 years old), during the 2 days of competition and set a new Passtrak club record in every event. Her new records are now 11.44 seconds in the 60 metres, 28.62 seconds in the 150 metres, 43.92 seconds in the 200 metres, 1:45.78 in the 400 metres, 1.44 metres in the standing long jump and 2.11 metres in the running long jump. Sawyer Sawatzky is in the Peewee Boys division, (10 & 11 year old athletes). He produced 5 life time best performances. He ran 10.68 seconds in the 60 metres, 26.85 seconds in the 150 metres and 2:29.09 in the 600 metres. He cleared 3.62 metres in the long jump and heaved the shot put 5.93 metres. Mackinley Mallard completed 6 events in the Peewee Girls age group. It was also her first track meet in a Passtrak uniform so she now has some standards that she attempt to beat in her next competition. Jack Bailey was also in the Peewee Boys group. He improved in 2 of his events with his new 60 metre best being 10.88 seconds and his new 150 metre best is 28.42 seconds. Paige Richards came up with 5 new life time bests of her own in the Bantam Girls age group, (12 & 13 year old athletes). She ran 8.95 seconds in the 60 metres, 22.05 seconds in the 150 metres, cleared 1.25 metres in the high jump, spanned 3.87 metres in the long jump and tossed the shot put 6.64 metres. She also added a gold medal in the 60 metre hurdles beating a field of 17 athletes in 10.99 seconds. Ethan Richards ran the best 400 metre race of his life in the boys U18 category by breaking the tape in 58.10 seconds. Justine Jorgensen represented the club in the U20 Women’s division. She had 3 events in the 2 days and did very well in all three. She set a new Passtrak club record of 8.46 seconds in the 60 metres for a silver medal placing. She then measured 4.69 metres in the long jump for a gold medal. She finished off with another club record of 10.02 metres in the triple jump and another first place finish. Tiffany Mallard competed in her first official meet as a Passtrak athlete and picked up 2 gold medals in the Masters Women’s category, (athletes 35 and over). She ran 1:29.88 in the 400 metres and jumped 3.33 metres in the long jump. The clubs next competition will take place in Calgary on December 4th.